INFUSE Unveils Strategic Partnership With 6sense

Published: May 14, 2024

INFUSE, a provider of B2B demand generation services, collaborated with revenue AI-powered ABM platform 6sense to help mutual clients activate omnichannel brand-to-demand programs. Through the partnership, joint users can reportedly leverage in-market buyer intelligence from 6sense alongside INFUSE’s omnichannel demand activation solutions to deploy demand generation tactics tailored to an account’s current buying stage.

The companies’ combined capabilities are designed to automatically adapt as accounts progress through their buying journey, with the goal of enabling marketers to build and launch brand-to-demand programs by understanding key metrics such as asset performance by persona, department, company and region.

“We’re excited to partner with INFUSE [to reshape] demand intelligence and activation by seamlessly integrating 6sense’s buyer intelligence with INFUSE’s omnichannel solutions,” said Elliot Smith, 6sense Head of Partnerships, in a statement. “This collaboration empowers our mutual customers to leverage powerful, customized demand-generation tactics at every stage of the buying process. Our dynamic capability ensures optimal engagement, converting predictive analytics into revenue, further demonstrating our dedication to innovation and efficiency in the industry.”

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