State Of Brand Vs. Demand Marketing: Synergize, Don’t Separate

Brand and demand marketing are distinctly different, yet incredibly complementary: Brand focuses on building awareness and reputation, while demand generates leads and drive sales. However, research found that 70% of organizations experience significant tension between brand marketing and demand generation teams, which is often caused by a lack of understanding of the different goals and objectives of each discipline. The intersection of both is clear: Authenticity and empathy.

With 50% of marketers indicating they want to run brand and demand campaigns together but are unsure where to start, this special report will highlight the resources available to help teams develop and implement an integrated brand and demand marketing strategy. Through real-world insights and expert testimonies, specific topics of discussion will include:

  • Clarification about the specific purposes of brand and demand, where they overlap and how to leverage the disciplines in tandem;
  •  How to allocate marketing budget between brand and demand marketing by focusing on specific business goals and target audiences;
  • The steps organizations should take to promote alignment between brand and demand teams to alleviate miscommunication and misconceptions;
  • The KPIs and metrics needed to track the results of both efforts, individually and in unison; and
  • The nuances between brand and demand content, along with the top strategies for streamlining creation.

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