Integrate Launches New Product Features To Help Enable Connected Data

Published: June 12, 2023

Integrate, a provider of Precision Demand Marketing services, revealed Mobile Connect, a new app that seeks to enable B2B marketers to capture data at third-party events, field events and more. Additionally, the company released two new features, including an improved universal API and display ads pacing dashboards.

Mobile Connect is designed to help marketers get opted-in leads at all third-party events — regardless of API connectivity — by capturing images of trade show badges, business cards or additional buyer information for transcription. Mobile Connect also features a dynamic form experience (including opt-in and custom questions) to automatically standardize, validate and ensure compliance across all leads, while eliminating manual processes by routing buyer data to CRM and marketing automation systems in real time. 

“Sales conversations can happen anywhere and at any time, and making sure marketing and sales can stay aligned with clear visibility into pipeline is critical in today’s fast-paced B2B world,” said Colby Cavanaugh, SVP, Marketing at Integrate, in a statement. “Mobile Connect not only connects data from events, but it also provides a way for teams to easily ingest data into the Demand Acceleration Platform (DAP) and other martech systems of record to build a unified view of digital customer journeys.” 

The new universal API is designed to ingest leads into the DAP and keep data secure through new permissions and token authorization. The new ads dashboard seeks to provide more insights to track and optimize ad delivery, with reports that show how often impressions are delivered and how delivered impressions affect conversion rates. 

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