JumpStory Launches ‘Marketing Photos In Disguise’ Feature

Published: September 29, 2022

JumpStory, an image and AI platform, released a series of “living photos” called JumpStories, which are images that contain a subtle motion that plays in a short, never-ending loop while the rest of the image remains still.

The purpose of the “photos in disguise” is to help practitioners keep prospects’ attention longer than usual and increase the impact of blog posts, e-mails, landing pages, social media and more. The release comes at a time where demand for interactive content is at a high: 45% of marketers said that video worked best in their nurture initiatives, and an additional 26% plan to incorporate video messaging into their content initiatives.

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“What we’ve experienced is that JumpStories are able to tell stories in a very powerful way,” said Jonathan Low, Co-founder of JumpStory, in a statement. “JumpStories are great at keeping people’s attention because they are discreet yet loud. They capture a small slice of time but allow the viewer to enjoy it indefinitely. For example, we’ve done research that indicates an increase in e-mail engagement by up to 72% and an increase in form submissions by up to 20%, so this is not just a new image format. This is a potential revolution in getting the attention of a customer and nudging them to do the action that you want them to do.”

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