Lead LifeCycle Series Preview: Buyer Insights Enhance Full-Funnel Marketing Initiatives

Published: July 8, 2015

LLS15 0615 General BannerBuyer centricity has become crucial to B2B marketing success, prompting progressive organizations to learn more about the buyer’s path to purchase and provide personalized content to help further engagement. To achieve these goals, B2B marketers are adding tools and tactics such as predictive analytics and account-based marketing to their marketing stack.

These are just some of the topics being covered at the second annual Lead LifeCycle Series, a 12-part webinar event taking place July 20-24 that will provide insight into the B2B buying landscape to enhance marketing and sales initiatives.

The importance of Big Data will also be a consistent talking point throughout the week-long series. Without insights that go beyond demographic and firmographic information, B2B marketers are unable to provide the relevant, personalized experience to help move prospects further along the buying funnel.

SalesPredict, for example, will host a session covering how predictive analytics — combined with data from CRM, marketing automation system, the web and third-party sources — can help boost marketing results by identifying which prospects are most likely to buy and which customers are at risk of churning. This insight helps marketing and sales focus their time and resources on prospects and clients that are anticipated to have the biggest impact on the bottom line.

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A comprehensive data management strategy is essential to predictive analytics success. A session hosted by Dun & Bradstreet NetProspex will highlight the role of data management in driving mid- and late-stage engagement. Key takeaways will include strategies for acquiring key information for net-new leads, including company name and revenue, as well as data that can help personalize content throughout the buyer’s journey.

A healthy mix of data can benefit all areas of a company’s marketing initiatives, but it is especially important for creating targeted content. A session from Content4Demand will highlight methods for enhancing content marketing strategies for each stage of the buyer’s journey, including how to conduct persona research to identify what triggers will help move prospective buyers closer to a buying decision.

Predictive Analytics Play A Role At All Stages Of The Buyer’s Journey

While predictive marketing can have a positive impact on the entire buying funnel, it is particularly beneficial for marketers looking to gain a better understanding of their ideal customer. Predictive insights can also help identify new segments and revenue opportunities.

In a session hosted by Radius, attendees will learn how predictive marketing can boost market expansion by uncovering new market segments that are more likely to convert into customers.

Marketers need to right tools to put these predictive insights into practice. Act-On Software will host a session highlighting various elements of an effective marketing stack. This webinar will look at marketing automation’s role in tracking and measuring marketing’s impact throughout the buyer’s journey and how data integration is crucial for measuring success.

Engagement metrics are another data set that can boost the impact of content marketing campaigns. This session will examine how prospects engage with a company’s content and how marketers can use that data to help identify what messaging is working and highlights gaps.

In a session hosted by Vidyard, attendees will learn of several use cases where companies leveraged video content and analytics boost engagement and conversion rates for content marketing programs.

These insights can also be leveraged to boost personalization and increase event responsiveness. Another session, hosted by ON24, will highlight tips and best practices for driving webinar registration through social media and email marketing campaigns.

Predictive analytics not only help B2B marketers identify net-new prospects, but also position them to identify new opportunities with current clients. This type of insight can help increase a customer’s lifetime value, while also reducing churn with a great customer experience.

Lattice Engines will host a session on July 23, attendees will learn how predictive analytics can help B2B organizations identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities with current customers — increasing customer lifetime value and overall revenue.

Account-Based, Multichannel Approaches Tied To Lead Nurturing Success

As account-based marketing (ABM) continues to be more widely adopted, B2B organizations are finding that this form of marketing — paired with detailed analytics — is effective for nurturing prospects.

Demandbase will host a session early in the week that will discuss how ABM is an effective strategy for nurturing all of the individuals within an organization that impact the buying decision. The session will also highlight how data impacts ABM strategy, ultimately helping B2B marketers enhance their initiatives by offering prospects relevant and contextual content.

While targeting every decision maker within a key account is important, it is also crucial to identify which channels these prospects use for research. During a session hosted by LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, attendees will learn how a multichannel lead nurturing approach can help engage leads through the buying funnel, leading to more conversions thanks to relevant and timely engagement.

Other metrics that are crucial to marketing success include campaign performance metrics, which can help B2B marketers identify which campaigns are having the biggest impact on buying decisions.

Full Circle CRM will highlight how B2B companies are measuring and reporting campaign performance in a session on July 23. The session will also highlight how to effectively track conversion rates from stage to stage, as well as how to enhance marketing and sales alignment to increase campaign effectiveness.

Once leads have been qualified for sales engagement, organizations must have the right tools and content in place to enable sales teams to have relevant conversations with prospective buyers at the right time.

In a session hosted by Genwi, attendees will learn about the growing role mobile plays in enabling sales teams with the content they need to have relevant, engaging conversations with prospective buyers — enabling sales teams to focus on converting prospects rather than searching for relevant content.

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