LiveChat Partners With Mailchimp To Provide New Chat Offerings

Published: September 23, 2021

LiveChat, a customer service platform, recently integrated with all-in-one marketing platform Mailchimp to enable business owners to manage their newsletter contacts and provide prospects with the option to sign up for newsletters within support chats.

The integration will combine contact data from both platforms, including subscriber names, email addresses, LiveChat activity and subscriber status, to help users:

  • Send email opt-in forms in pre-chat surveys, chat invitations and chat windows;
  • Add customers to Mailchimp audiences from chat and automatically create contact profiles;
  • Use engagement data and chat interaction insights to create more targeted email campaigns; and
  • Filter contacts in Mailchimp by groups.

The integration seeks to capitalize on the growing popularity of chat, as recent research revealed that 60% of B2B buyers increased their use of live chat on their websites throughout 2021, with 45% indicating they specifically use online live chat software.

“Businesses increasingly expect software solutions to integrate and deliver more convenient customer experiences,” said Szymon Klimczak, CMO at LiveChat, in a statement. “Working hand-in-hand with the Mailchimp platform, we give LiveChat’s users access to meaningful information about customers that will for sure make email marketing processes more effective. Together with the Mailchimp team, we’re planning to strengthen the partnership with even deeper integration, giving marketers more options for managing customer experience in both chat and email channels.”

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