LookBookHQ Launches Self-Learning Solution For Targeted ToFu Content

Published: May 25, 2016

1lookbookContent marketing automation platform LookBookHQ unveiled LookBookHQ Recommend, a new capability that enables marketers to present automated, targeted content to anonymous website visitors.

The self-learning content solution is powered by an algorithm designed to combine content metadata (i.e. type of content, stage and audience) with the performance of a piece of content over time. For example, if website visitors frequently consume content piece “C” after reading “A,” the platform will begin to deliver “C” instead of “B” to similar visitors in the future.

“The way the algorithm works is it learns over time,” said Nick Edouard, Co-Founder, President and CMO of LookBookHQ, in an interview with Demand Gen Report. “It automates the sequence and delivery of content into engaging, personalized and dynamically-generated experiences that allow buyers to consume multiple assets per session — whenever and wherever they click.”

Edouard said the solution is designed to end the “one and done experience,” and encourage potential buyers to binge on content. “We’re really bringing content science to the binge,” he concluded. 

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