Madison Logic Introduces New Behavioral Analytics, Lead Retargeting Solutions

Published: October 5, 2012

Madison Logic
, a provider of B2B lead generation solutions, this week announced the addition of two new products, targeting the market for analytics, retargeting and lead nurturing solutions.

The company’s Data Match Behavioral Analytics is intended to supply advanced analytics to a B2B company’s marketing automation system. It includes features to:

  • Feed marketing automation platforms with real-time behavioral data on prospects;
  • Identify plan-to-purchase trends, both at the customer and account level;
  • Use behavioral data to drive targeted content marketing campaigns;
  • Pinpoint key B2B influencers and purchasing decision-makers.

Madison Logic also introduced its Data Match Lead Retargeting, which uses the company’s behavioral data-gathering capabilities for B2B ad targeting. The system identifies contacts at particular companies that have expressed an interest in particular topics or downloaded certain types of content; it then targets these prospects with relevant online advertising. It also uses behavioral intent data to determine the ad content served to a particular user.

According to the company, it currently holds 23 million unique profiles in its B2B contact database and works with about 600 advertisers; it can retarget prospects via ad exchanges and demand-side platforms (DSPs) that manage multiple ad exchanges and data exchange accounts.

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“In the last month and at Dreamforce, we previewed Data Match Behavioral Analytics and Retargeting to our existing customers and they were excited to start building campaigns with the products,” said Erik Matlick, CEO of Madison Logic, in a company news release. “The marketing software industry is expanding and companies are looking for smarter, more aggressive tools to bolster their demand generation initiatives. These two new products from Madison Logic are unmatched in the industry.”

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