March Communications Launches Podcast-As-A-Service Program

Published: August 12, 2020

March Communications, a public relations agency with a specialty in tech PR, content marketing and influencer marketing, has launched a podcasting-as-a-service program called In the Pod. The program aims to help B2B and customer tech brands provide a new channel to reach audiences.

With 73% of millennials being involved in the purchasing process, and 44 million Americans listening to podcasts regularly, B2B marketers can target buyers across demographics in a relevant and engaging way.

In The Pod is designed to provide marketers with the tools to create and operate virtual podcasts, positioning businesses to tailor the podcast as a mini-series, a one-time event or a recurring series. The platform also enables users to perform outreach in their social channels, allowing them to spotlight their content, increase brand reputation and drive revenue.

“If you’re looking to reach the people who influence and make tech-buying decisions, podcasting is not a tool that you should be leaving on the table,” said Manny Veiga, Director of Content Strategy at March Communications and host of Hacks and Flacks, in a statement. “You don’t need to be a journalist or a comedian to podcast. Anyone can build a personal brand, reach engaged consumers or share their expertise and ideas. The key is to stand out – there are more than a half-million active podcasts, so you need a unique story, premise or format to cut through the noise and find your audience. That’s where we come in.”

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