Marketo Launches Integration With Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Published: March 19, 2012

[This integration] is an evolution for Marketo,” Albright told DemandGen Report. “It increases the overall accessible market to us. It’s easy decision for us because we’re getting pulled very aggressively into that market and Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers have been underserved, frankly, in this area in the past, so we think this will be an important step for Microsoft and its customers. As the market continues to evolve, you’ll see Marketo continue to support CRM and ERP integrations.”

Marketo supports existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementations by providing the ability to support revenue generation, inbound, social and content marketing, as well as self-service, executive-level reporting. The product will be available early this summer.

Albright noted that the market penetration for RPM solutions is just 2-4%. There are more than 32,000 Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers, with adoption rates growing at about 39%, representing a significant market growth opportunity.

Around 80% of Marketo’s customers are on the platform, while the remaining 20% are on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM and other platforms.

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Industry insiders point to significant growth potential for RPM solutions within this market.

“Revenue Performance Management is poised to be the next big enterprise-level advantage,” said Denis Pombriant, CEO at Beagle Research Group LLC. “As the buyer-seller relationship shifts and puts more onus on companies to engage at every level, sell to the hottest leads, and drive top and bottom line growth, solutions like Marketo deliver the necessary insight and intelligence about marketing and sales activity to help business grow revenue more predictably.”

Marketo helps companies align sales and marketing around revenue-generating activity, allowing the business to control their entire revenue cycle, the spectrum of marketing and sales processes activity that begins with a customer’s first interaction and continues through initial purchase and long-term customer satisfaction. The company’s customer base includes more than 1,700 enterprise and mid-market companies.

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