MRP Unveils Oracle Marketing Cloud Integration To Enable Account-Focused Email Marketing

Published: January 23, 2019

MRP, a predictive customer acquisition platform, announced that it has partnered with Oracle Marketing Cloud to integrate its Prelytix solution with Oracle Eloqua and position mutual customers to trigger email marketing campaigns in sync with active ABM programs.

MRP Prelytix aims to help users create in-depth, customized segments based on firmographic, demographic and engagement data. With the integration, users can deploy email marketing campaigns as part of their ABM programs managed by MRP.

New research from Demand Gen Report shows that email is the top channel used to drive demand by B2B companies, with 54% stating that it is the most successful at driving early engagement and 62% stating it is the most effective at driving late-stage conversions. However, research from the 2018 ABM Benchmark Survey shows that only 38% of ABM practitioners have an integrated process with their demand generation and ABM efforts — meaning marketing teams are overlooking a valuable channel when piloting or deploying new ABM programs.

“By all measures, email is one of the most important marketing channels for B2B marketers, yet ironically most ABM platforms simply ignore it,” said James Regan, Co-Founder and CMO of MRP, in a statement to Demand Gen Report. “That’s so wrong. It’s like taking a telephone away from a sales person. One of the key reasons our clients drive huge revenue impact is because they can harness the data from their email system, coordinate account-focused messages through it (and five other channels) and measure the impact of those messages — all in one platform.”

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