ON24 To Unveil Next Generation Of Customer Engagement Tools

Published: October 21, 2021

ON24, a digital experience platform, will host ON24 Experience: Innovation in the Age of Engagement on Oct. 26. The customer event will highlight the new innovations in ON24 Webcast Elite, unveil a video-centric virtual event product and introduce more ways to turn engagement into first-person insights.

The specific features ON24 will reveal at the event include:

  • New features and capabilities in ON24 Webcast Elite that seek to enable sales and marketing to create more engagement opportunities within every experience;
  • An expanded ON24 platform, including a new video-centric virtual event solution and the ability to create live and on-demand experiences in ON24 Engagement Hub; and
  • An advanced AI engine designed to enable organizations to turn engagement across every ON24 experience into actionable insights that unlock personalization and surface real-time buying intent signals.

“Digital engagement is now at the center of every customer experience and transforming how organizations drive measurable revenue and growth,” said Jayesh Sahasi, EVP of Products and CTO at ON24. “We are delivering innovations for companies of all sizes to make each audience experience as engaging as the last and capture the insights sales and marketing teams need to move buyers forward.”

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