One AI Unveils Generative AI Solution For CRM Systems

Published: March 22, 2023

Quick Scoop:

  • One AI released an AI-powered CRM solution.
  • The new feature leverages multilingual AI to help uncover customer sentiment and automate time-intensive tasks.
  • Reported benefits include enhancing customer engagement, increasing revenue and maximizing lead conversion.

One AI, a generative artificial intelligence (AI) platform, released an AI solution for CRM companies and enterprise customers. The new feature leverages multilingual AI to help organizations maximize lead conversion, enhance customer engagement and increase revenue.

The solution seeks to integrate capabilities such as topics and action items extraction, follow-up reminders, conversation summaries, customer sentiment and emotion detection into a user’s CRM system to help:

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  • Summarize and extract key information from every customer interaction for a more personalized experience;
  • Identify trending issues, new competitors and feature requests;
  • Uncover entities, emotions, sentiments and more in customer interactions through natural language processing;
  • Track important sales and marketing opportunities and suggest the next action to take;
  • Automate routine tasks; and
  • Tag tickets and knowledge-based articles to refine search capabilities.

“It’s like having an additional 1,000 relentless, diligent employees on your team, analyzing every customer interaction 24/7 at a fraction of the cost,” said Amit Ben, Co-founder and CEO of One AI, in a statement. “It is what businesses need today to stay competitive and what customers will come to expect from any product or service in the near future.”

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