Openprise Introduces RevOps Data Automation Solutions For Microsoft Dynamics 365

Published: May 30, 2023

Openprise, a provider of RevOps data automation, released a set of solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 along with an enhanced solution for attribution.

These solutions are powered by the Openprise RevOps Data Automation (RDA) Cloud, which the company claims is the first end-to-end data automation cloud for RevOps organizations that supports no-code data orchestration and workflow automation in a single cloud environment across the buyer journey.

The new attribution solution seeks to maximize the power of the RDA Cloud to perform cleansing, standardization, deduplication and mapping of all data to a lead, contact or account. The solution works to aggregate multichannel data, define custom attribution models and calculate the specific metrics organizations need to answer more complex attribution questions.

“Openprise is proud to make available RevOps data automation solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365,” said Ed King, Founder and CEO of Openprise, in a statement. “Today, it’s clear RevOps is a business-critical requirement. Customer engagement occurs across multiple digital channels, making it challenging for revenue teams to access common data across multiple systems, such as campaign participation between Microsoft Dynamics and Marketo. With Openprise for Microsoft Dynamics 365, we can help sales, marketing and customer success teams become more effective in leveraging data to drive decision-making and improve and automate operations.”

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