Oracle Adds AI Features To Customer Experience Cloud

Published: April 10, 2018

Oracle has updated its Customer Experience (CX) Cloud Suite with AI-powered features designed to help marketing and sales professionals improve the customer experience and boost business results through real-time behavioral insights, ad optimization and AI marketing management. The Cloud also includes enhanced campaign development and personalized loyalty programs for the entire buyer journey.

On the sales side, Oracle CX Cloud provides AI deal management, AI sales intelligence, territory quota management, campaign effectiveness dashboards and a virtual sales assistant.

The company also announced new Oracle Infinity and Oracle CX Audience features.

Oracle Infinity aims to equip marketers with the timely, accurate information they need to optimize customer engagement. It is designed to help marketers:

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  • Connect behavioral data across touchpoints;
  • Manage complex data sets;
  • Improve marketing automation systems; and
  • Execute one-to-one marketing with detailed insights into every customer.

Oracle CX Audience is positioned to help users segment audiences so that they can:

  • Unify, control and enhance customer data;
  • Generate audience segments at scale; and
  • Evaluate past performance and uncover sub-segments with new opportunities.

“Existing data analytics solutions are incredibly limited as they can’t scale or provide real-time insights on every single user,” said Shashi Seth, Senior VP of Oracle Marketing Cloud, in a statement. “To unleash this data requires a completely new approach to customer data analytics, which is exactly what we are introducing with Oracle Infinity and Oracle CX Audience. With these new solutions, we are putting very rich and timely behavioral data in motion to help organizations deliver a customer experience that is highly relevant and in context.”

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