Oracle Announces New CX Platform Updates

Published: February 12, 2021

Oracle Customer Experience (CX) updated its Oracle Marketing, Oracle Sales and Oracle Service platforms to accelerate users’ sales cycles, address buyer inquiries and issues and build engaging customer loyalty programs.

The updated marketing capabilities are designed to help marketers improve their customer engagement, retention and lifetime value through personalized experiences. The new capabilities include:

  • CDP loyalty data flows that enable marketers to build data sets and segments;
  • A richer campaign management integration that leverages third-party loyalty data to create personalized offers for buyers;
  • Partner management, which integrates offers into customer loyalty programs;
  • A subject line optimization & fatigue analysis dashboard that provides a holistic view of customer engagements to help predict the best subject lines; and
  • An integration with Zoom, which provides data flows that help marketers deliver, track and analyze virtual events and multichannel demand generation programs.

Oracle CX also updated its selling capabilities with a digital voice assistant that allows salespeople to access their CRMs, connect with buyers in their preferred channels and view buyer quotes quickly. Additionally, Oracle Sales has updated its UI with smart lists, infolets and advanced search capabilities to help sellers focus on buyer interactions while saving time.

Finally, Oracle Service received a new intuitive interface and data set that are designed to simplify agent onboarding, accelerate buyer conversations and provide service teams with a holistic view of accounts. In addition, Oracle Service features a digital service assistant to automate teams’ digital services and help resolve customer issues.

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“Customers aren’t afraid to walk away after a single bad experience and that reality means organizations have to empower their sales, marketing and customer service teams with the data they need to make every customer interaction matter,” said Rob Tarkoff, VP and General Manager of Oracle CX, in a statement. “These new innovations are a testament to our continuous investments in our products and customers to help them sell more, deliver relevant service and build loyal customer relationships.”

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