Outreach Introduces New Suite Of AI-Driven Tools

Published: June 12, 2024

Outreach, a sales execution platform, released a suite of new capabilities designed to provide clear guidance, feedback and coaching to sellers and teams. The new AI-driven features reportedly cover various aspects of the sales process — such as prospecting activities, messaging strategies and meeting management — to help managers develop more effective workflows.

The new tools include:

  • Pipeline Generation Reports to highlight high-yield pipeline generation activities;
  • Sequence Engagement Scores to provide ongoing evaluation of messaging effectiveness;
  • Custom Topics and Coaching Cards in Kaia to deliver deep insights into each rep’s interactions with buyers, alongside Coach Card Reports to track the implementation and impact of coaching efforts;
  • Smart Deal Assist, which allows managers to ask questions of Outreach’s AI engine and quickly identify pitfalls and gaps in deal progression so timely intervention can occur; and
  • Sales Execution Reports to highlight how various sales activities contribute to revenue generation.

“Even the most skilled team members need access to data and guided insights to understand which sales practices are effective, whether their coaching is making a difference to seller performance and how deals are performing at scale,” said Abhijit Mitra, President of Product and Technology at Outreach, in a statement. “These new features were designed to address these challenges with coaching and improving team performance. The platform leverages AI to analyze every aspect of the selling process, giving sales teams unprecedented visibility into their sales workflows.”


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