PFL Launches Preferred Address Capture Tool To Automate Direct Mail For Remote Prospects

Published: October 2, 2020

PFL, a marketing automation and direct mail solutions provider, has announced its Preferred Address Capture tool, which aims to help marketers deliver engaging brand experiences to their remote prospects through their direct address.

Preferred Address Capture is designed to capture a remote prospect’s address, using PFL’s personalized direct mail to automatically deliver gifts to buyers and enhancing their buying experiences. The solution then drives prospects to customizable landing pages where marketers can follow-up and gather supplementary data, improving personalized content, direct mail and marketing campaign effectiveness.

With the prominence of marketing automation, PFL hopes the solution will help marketers engage their remote prospects with increased automation efficiency and potential ROI.

“Winning marketing teams use intent data to inform the content and timing of their direct mail,” said Nick Runyon, CMO of PFL, in a statement. “When many workers moved home, it was hard for marketers to deliver timely and relevant direct mail experiences to the right location. PFL’s Preferred Address Solution streamlines the address capture process while going beyond an unbranded form fill. We are happy to provide our customers with a solution that sets the stage for a remarkable brand experience.”

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To learn more about the new capability, check out our CXO Conversations video series, featuring an episode with PFL’s Nick Runyon, who discussed Address Capture to debunk the myth that direct mail doesn’t work in a work-from-home world.

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