ReachForce Launches Cloud-Based SmartForms Software For Lead Conversion Acceleration

Published: April 11, 2012

 “SmartForms was launched in response to growing concerns by B2B marketers about the gap between the need to capture rich business firmographic information from new leads, and the need to keep registration forms short,” said Justin England, VP of Business Development, ReachForce. “To leverage the many benefits of marketing automation software, B2B marketers need accurate and comprehensive data for nurturing, scoring, routing, targeting and segmentation. They also need to do everything possible to increase conversions. Prior to SmartForms, marketers were forced to make a lose, lose decision: shorten their registration forms to drive higher conversions, but go without this critical information, or require the registrant to complete too many fields, resulting in increased abandon rates and higher cost-per-lead. SmartForms bridges the gap.”

Pinstripe, a talent acquisition and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) company and SmartForms customer, sought to use shorter forms but needed to consider the challenges this approach presented for their sales and marketing teams.

“We used to use short progressive profiling forms, but had to rely on multiple fill-outs to collect data vital to our business development team,” said Bethany Perkins, Marketing Manager, Pinstripe, in a Reachforce company release. “SmartForms helps us collect that same data faster, while respecting our prospects’ desire for fast and easy access to our content.”

According to ReachForce President and CEO Bob Riazzi, Smart Form customers are increasing conversions upwards of 40%, while reducing their cost per lead by more than 30%.

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“This new era of B2B marketing heavily relies on the tight integration of inbound and outbound initiatives, and we are uniquely positioned to help marketers increase conversions and promote leads through the funnel for faster revenue growth,” Riazzi noted in the release.

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