Salesforce Announces New Features To Help Digital 360 Users Build Buyer-Centric Digital Strategies

Published: June 8, 2021

Salesforce recently unveiled new capabilities within its Digital 360 platform. The updates to the Marketing and Commerce Clouds are designed to provide users with buyer insights, connected buyer experiences and deal management technologies to develop customer-first digital strategies.

For Digital 360’s Marketing Cloud, Salesforce updated Salesforce CDP with two new features: Interaction Studio and Loyalty Management. Interaction Studio is designed to integrate with Salesforce Einstein to analyze cross channel brand interactions and send product or content recommendations instantly for automated buyer engagement. Loyalty Management provides real-time audience segments based on CDP buyer data, which aims to help users prioritize customer interactions and provide perks.

Additional features include:

  • An integration with WhatsApp that enables communication with buyers via the app for increased customer engagement; and
  • Marketing analytics reports powered by Datorama that analyze email and mobile buyer journey reports to help users optimize performance.

Salesforce also unveiled its new B2B2C application for Commerce Cloud, which is designed to capture first-party data from B2C and B2B interactions to launch connected B2B to B2C campaigns for a holistic view of revenue. The app connects marketing, sales and customer service teams and their data to help them gain a complete understanding of both their B2B and B2C buyers and revenue streams.

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Commerce Cloud users will also receive access to Salesforce CDP to help them analyze first-party customer data across multiple touchpoints for simplified omnichannel experience building.

“Being digital first and customer centric has never been more important,” said David Schmaier, President and Chief Product Officer, Salesforce, in a statement. “With Digital 360, companies have the full power of Salesforce to go digital faster, build a single view of their customers and drive growth.”

To learn more about the new innovations to Digital 360, check out Salesforce’s Connections event on-demand.

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