Seismic Unveils New Content Analytics Dashboards

Published: November 17, 2020

Seismic, a sales and marketing enablement software provider, has announced new content analytics capabilities designed to allow users to boost their effectiveness, drive revenue team alignment and deliver high-quality buyer experiences.

The Seismic Fall 2020 release will provide marketers and salespeople with:

  • Role-based dashboards that curate data for specific roles within an organization, including CMOs, content owners, sales managers and more;
  • Customizable pre-built dashboards that showcase customer insights through robust reporting and visualization tools, provide the ability to auto-share reports with colleagues and set up alerts for changes in data; and
  • Access to Seismic’s data directly from Percolate to measure campaign performance across channels without leaving the platform.

“Sales content performance data has become a critical source of buyer feedback,” said Seismic CEO and Co-Founder Doug Winter, in a statement. “Businesses are looking for ways to engage buyers through personalized, resonant messaging, but haven’t had the visibility into what content performs well and what doesn’t. Our improved analytics capabilities unite revenue teams, changing how deals are closed, how content is produced and ultimately, how business is done.”

Along with these new capabilities, Seismic’s partnership with data platform Snowflake will provide users with Secure Data Sharing capabilities to streamline shared dashboards and datasets. This is designed to increase compatibility with other platforms, allowing users to cut down the amount of time merging datasets by accessing everything in a single platform.

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“Snowflake Secure Data Sharing enables frictionless, secure sharing of live data within an organization and between organizations, so users can unveil insights to help transform their sales process and deliver meaningful business value,” said Matt Glickman, VP Customer Product Strategy at Snowflake, in a statement. “We’re excited for Seismic and their customers to leverage Snowflake for fast, easy and secure access to their content analytics.” 

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