Sitecore Launches New SaaS Feature To Enhance Digital Experience Platform

Published: October 7, 2021

Sitecore, a digital experience management software provider, unveiled its first software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering, Experience Manager Cloud. The feature will be integrated into the Sitecore Experience Platform to help B2B enterprises build, personalize and orchestrate digital experiences in various channels.

Experience Manager Cloud is a content management system (CMS) designed to help marketers efficiently process their content volume and visitor data. Marketers can leverage the platform’s creation, preview, editing and analytics tools to adapt to real-time buyer interactions at scale with personalized responses and content tailored by industry and region.

This announcement is part of Sitecore’s ongoing $1.2 billion commitment to support B2B enterprises with SaaS-based digital experience solutions. Through Experience Manager Cloud and future SaaS products, Sitecore aims to help its users orchestrate their digital experiences for increased engagement in mobile and social channels.

“Today’s announcement confirms our ambition to disrupt the market and help brands stay ahead with cutting-edge technology,” said Steve Tzikakis, CEO of Sitecore, in a statement. “Our recent acquisitions have been fundamental to building the most advanced composable platform available today, something we see as the future of DXP. Customer expectations are everchanging, so it is essential brands are empowered to work in real-time, adapting experiences to keep up with the demand. We’re supporting them with the technology to make this possible. By bringing our portfolio together in the cloud, brands can achieve this and enjoy a truly integrated, flexible and scalable platform — delivering personalized experiences for their customers, whatever the channel.”

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