Terminus Unveils New ABM Platform Capabilities For Targeting & Engagement

Published: October 16, 2019

Terminus has revealed new updates to its ABM platform that aim to help B2B marketers combine more data sources, automate outreach and improve current account-based reporting capabilities. Features include new ad automation, native intent data features and advanced conversion tracking capabilities designed to enhance account targeting and engagement.

“Since the rise of direct-response digital campaigns, marketers have been forced to choose between building long-term brand equity or driving short-term lead-based results,” said Bryan Brown, Chief Product Officer at Terminus, in a statement. “We want to end that dichotomy in B2B marketing by making it easier to tie every effort to the eventual customer relationship — and to measure based on mid and long-term revenue outcomes instead of just instant responses.”

Specifically, the new updates include:

  • New reporting updates designed to enable B2B marketers to tie more of their brand awareness activity to downstream pipeline and won revenue through view-through conversion reporting at the account level;
  • “Under-the-hood” improvements to the Terminus B2B Account Graph, which the company said will help marketers identify even more anonymous web activity to the originating companies and surface more digital profiles to advertise against;
  • An expanded partnership with intent data provider Bombora;
  • Automated Account Discovery, designed to surface high-fit accounts that have yet to be targeted; and
  • Weekly sales emails designed to showcase the best account targets for sales outreach based on their anonymous digital behavior.

“The last few years have seen a boom in the amount of intelligence B2B marketers can access about the accounts they’re trying to target. But that data is only as good as your ability to quickly take action on it,” Brown said. “We’re designing a system that automatically ingests all that data, surfaces what’s most relevant, and lets you set up rules to take action on it automatically.”

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