WeVideo Partners With Dropbox Replay To Streamline Video Collaboration

Published: November 1, 2021

WeVideo, a cloud-based, collaborative multimedia creation platform, integrated with Dropbox Replay, a video collaboration tool that consolidates comments, acts on feedback and finalizes video projects in one place, to help teams collaborate more easily throughout the video editing processes.

The integration will offer users a streamlined workflow for remote collaboration, enabling dispersed teams to share, manage and provide real-time, frame-accurate feedback in a central location. Specific features of the integration enable teams to:

  • View high-quality feedback and leave frame-accurate comments and annotations even if they don’t have a Dropbox account;
  • Collaborate in a real-time virtual viewing room;
  • Easily track project status and versions;
  • Manage all feedback in Dropbox Replay without the need to download or convert larger files;
  • Replay videos in WeVideo to view time-stamped comments and feedback at specific frames within the editorial timeline; and
  • Make live edits within WeVideo’s web or mobile app platforms.

“Since the start of 2020, we’ve witnessed staggering growth across the board, including in revenue, projects created and overall user base,” said Krishna Menon, CEO of WeVideo. “The total number of videos completed has grown 4.5X, including over a 150% increase in SMB users. This new integration with Dropbox Replay furthers our mission to provide accessible and intuitive, top-quality multimedia creation tools for all users, and offers our customers a simplified collaborative experience with professional-level results. As video continues to grow as a crucial component for businesses and creators, we will continue to work with key partners like Dropbox to improve production workflows, simplify processes and help our customers create compelling videos easier and faster than ever before.”

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