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CMO Study: Insights from the Global Chief Marketing Study


This CMO Study is the latest in IBM’s series of C-suite Studies, encom- passing interviews with more than 15,000 top executives over the past seven years. The study casts light on the challenges public and private sector CMOs confront — and the opportunities they envision — in increasingly complex times. It also illustrates how closely CMOs’ perception of the marketplace mirrors previous assessments by chief executive officers (CEOs).

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3 Critical Components Of Maximizing Your Automation Investment


Many marketing automation users struggle to realize the full value of their investment because they have not implemented a systematic process for lead flow that is not only comprehensive, but also scalable. Moreover, organizations that are not optimizing the technology are unable to garner key metrics to analyze and refine campaign effectiveness. This brief highlights the need for process-based insight, a global view of the buyer/customer and the key steps to optimize the value of marketing automation investments, as well as strategies to transform artistic marketing teams into revenue engines.

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State Of Demand Generation 2012 Report


The State of Demand Generation 2012 is a complimentary download that features trending insight and forecasts from nearly a dozen experts in the field. The report highlights demand generation trends on deck for 2012, including socializing the salesforce, connecting marketing to the C-Suite and mobile marketing, as well as strategies to create killer content and demonstrate clear value propositions.  

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Chance Favors The Prepared Mind: Understanding The Science Of Sales Intelligence


The influx of prospect, customer and target market information has caused a dilemma for sales practitioners. While this flood of data provides sales with endless resources, it also presents the possibility that the best sales opportunities are drowned out by irrelevant information. Sales intelligence allows sales teams to improve the quantity/quality of leads, maximize selling time, and accurately unify customer information to increase cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

Download the Aberdeen Group brief, titled “Chance Favors the Prepared Mind: Understanding the Science of Sales Intelligence.” This in-depth report will provide insight on Best-in-Class companies that have tapped into sales intelligence to experience a number of company-wide benefits, including: 

  • Increased customer retention rate; 
  • A boost in year-over-year total company revenue; and
  • Consistent growth in team attainment of sales quota. 

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Guide To Marketing Automation Solutions


UPDATED: Sept 2011

The Guide to Marketing Automation Solutions is a complimentary, ungated resource that profiles more than a dozen of the leading marketing automation vendors. Updated in September 2011, the Guide highlights customer counts, growth metrics, functionalities and market accolades.
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