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Demand Gen Report’s 2013 Benchmark Survey Finds Lead Gen Budgets Rising

Shadow DGR Benchmark Survey Report.jpgOne half of B2B marketers say their demand generation budgets will grow by more than 20% in 2013, and they will spend those dollars on social media as well as developing white papers, webinars and improving their web sites. Those are just a few of the findings in Demand Gen Report’s 2013 Benchmark Survey.

As marketers face increasing pressure to contribute to the sales pipeline, they are centering their content strategies around efforts that will generate quality leads.

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Get The Facts About Customer Lifecycle Marketing

B2B marketers know that it's important to stay focused on generating new leads and revenue. But more marketers today are also discovering new opportunities in marketing to existing customers.

This new study, The Next Generation Of Lifecycle Marketing, reveals just how important this trend has become. Download this free report and get important insights into:

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2012 B2B Marketing Automation Vendor Selection Tool

VESTscreen_compare_summaryRaab Associates’ 2012 B2B Marketing Automation Vendor Selection Tool (VEST) draws on nearly 200 data points for 22 B2B marketing automation vendors. It uses these to build product and vendor fitness scores that show which vendors are most suitable for small, mid-size and large organizations. Results are displayed on easy-to-understand charts that make it simple to see which products are best suited to the different situations.

Once you’ve identified the leaders in your category, you can dig deeper by reading vendor profiles that describe each product’s strengths, weaknesses and special features. This lets you move beyond generic rankings to find systems with the precise features you need. The profiles also offer basic information on pricing, company size, and installation count by client type.

But there’s more. You also get:

  • Side-by-side comparison for a detailed, item-by-item view of your top candidates, highlighting the critical differences that matter most to you.
  • Set your own scoring weights to create custom rankings tailored to your specific needs — and watch the vendor charts adjust in real time as the weights change.
  • Background information including an explanation of marketing automation basics, industry overview, and detailed selection methodology.
  • Detailed definitions for each item used in the vendor scoring, along with explanations for why and when they matter.

Still not convinced?  We offer a NO RISK GUARANTEE: If you’re not completely satisfied, tell us in 30 days and receive a full refund. 

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Content Preferences Survey Report


Content is often the first point of engagement between a solution provider and a potential buyer. Given the important role content is playing for companies,DemandGen Report recently conducted a survey to examine the shifting preferences of business executives. Published this week, The Content Preferences Survey report aims to guide B2B organizations looking to kick off a new content marketing strategy or improve upon an existing strategy.

“This survey illuminated interesting trends in the world of content marketing,” says Amanda Batista, author of the survey report and managing editor of DemandGen Report. “Solution providers, now more than ever, need to demonstrate a clear understanding of their prospects’ challenges, market trends and objectives. They also need to cultivate a greater role in content sharing by providing trustworthy content that establishes relationships with prospects.”

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Guide To Marketing Automation Solutions - May 2012


The B2B marketing automation industry is growing rapidly, as organizations tap technology to enhance their demand generation efforts and implement processes for repeatable success. Marketing automation providers across the board indicated record-breaking growth in Q1 2012, as well as plans for aggressive expansion in personnel and product offerings.

According to SiriusDecisions benchmarks, 18% of B2B organizations are using a marketing automation platform. The research firm also forecasts adoption rates to reach 40% by 2016. 

For B2B marketers that realize the potential benefits of implementing a marketing automation system, rolling out and using the technology can be an intimidating venture. Due to the complexity of automating marketing programs, there are various components to consider.

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