Demandbase Adds Managed Analytics Offering, Unveils Partnerships

DemandbaselogoDemandbase expanded its consulting services with a Managed Analytics Offering, which is designed to help marketers uncover insights and better measure marketing performance.

The Managed Analytics Offering launched as part of Demandbase’s Strategic Services suite. Landing Page Optimization Services, co-delivered by SiteTuners, and Target Account Marketing Strategies, co-delivered by New Business Strategies, have also been added to the Strategic Services suite.

“What we really are aiming to do with these announcements is to change the paradigm and help B2B marketers manage an account from the very first touch,” said Amit Varshneya, VP Consulting Services at Demandbase, in an interview with Demand Gen Report. “Many companies recognize that technology is critical to their success but fail in their execution because they lack a foundational understanding of the customer life cycle. While consulting services have traditionally come in to assist with deployment, we were finding that many need ongoing support beyond just installing technology. We have always believed that a successful engagement involves people, process and technology.”

The Demandbase Managed Analytics Offering enables customers to better segment all their web traffic using company-based attributes and then measure the results by tracking engagement from target accounts. It helps translates web traffic data into an actionable Target Account Marketing roadmap that enables customers to create strategies that drive increased traffic from target accounts, better conversions and increased revenue.

“Our Consulting Services team are experts in B2B segmentation and measurement,” Varshneya explained, “and have the ability to dive deep into the company data that is most relevant for business marketers.”

The Demandbase Managed Analytics Offering includes:

  • Measurement strategy development to better align analysis and business objectives;
  • End-to-end services and training, for a minimum of four months, from implementation to successful handoff; and
  • Tailored dashboards and custom reporting with bi-monthly strategic insight sessions to provide a custom view into web traffic, lead generation results, and other online marketing and web site personalization strategies.


As part of its Strategic Services suite, Demandbase will partner with SiteTuners. The partnership couples the Demandbase real-time platform with the SiteTuners web optimization technology. The new offering enables B2B marketers to design and fully optimize web sites and landing pages so target buyers are exposed to custom content and offers.

Through its partnership with New Business Strategies, Demandbase will empower B2B marketers to integrate the Demandbase technology with a deep understanding of their buyers’ behavior in order to better engage customers and drive sales.