Display & Resource Center Advertising

For those companies interested in extending the reach of their brand through more traditional means, these opportunities are for you. Display advertising opportunities leverage the Demand Gen Report popular web site and newsletter to get your brand in front of the B2B Marketers you want to reach.

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Banner Advertising

The DGR web site drives more than 20,000 visits per month and 11,000 unique visits per month. So placing a banner ad on the site gains you exposure with thousands of line-of-business marketing executives. DGR has a variety of different locations throughout the site to meet your needs.

Investment starting at $2,500 per month

Resource Center Listing

DGR offers text advertising on our web site at an affordable price. These text ads are in the form of a landing page and are listed in our resource center. They work best for promoting new content or solutions and are never removed from the web site.

Investment starting at $2,500 per month

Samples (website & newsletter)

DGR V3 NL ad Sample


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