Our Process

All of our custom programs are turn-key and include: Research, Writing, Production, Promotion and Lead Generation. At the end of the campaign you own the collateral to house on your site and drive additional leads.

Our process is as follows:

  • Ideation Phase – We come up with topic and title treatments.
  • Timelines – Outlining all checkpoints.
  • Abstracts / Outlines – Revised and approved by your team before editorial work is begun.
  • Drafts & Revisions – Prior to editorial completion.
  • Full Layout & Design Services – Including adherence to branding guidelines and other design preferences.
  • Typical Timeframe – From start to fiish is 5-7 weeks. Pieces can be created oncurrently.
  • Once Approved, you own all the assets!

Ideation Phase

Once a client decides on a program, Demand Gen Report will work with you and your team to develop a topic, title and abstract that fits the needs of your campaign goals, messaging and overall company branding. This phase includes:

  • Topic/title ideation;
  • Kick-off call to refine messaging;
  • Abstract and outline based on approved topic/title; and
  • Production and promotion timelines.

Writing and Approval Process

  • Research of the topic;
  • Interviews with all with analysts, academic, internal staff and/or industry experts;
  • Regularly scheduled updates on the progress with coordinated input and approvals from your team; and
  • Up to two revisions before project moves to design.


Once the asset has been written and met all approvals it moves into the design phase. This phase includes:

  • Design checklist filled out by client to ensure all design and branding needs/guidelines are met;
  • Up to two revisions; and
  • Final PDF delivered.


All content programs come with a promotion piece to the project including:

  • Text ads on the DGR web site;
  • Text ads within the DGR weekly newsletter;
  • Text ads in the twice-monthly DGR Digital Resource Center; and
  • Promotion through DGR social media outlets.

Lead Generation

If your program includes a lead generation goal, the following also will be included with your program:

  • Creation of custom landing page;
  • Writing of custom email blast copy; and
  • Dedicated e-vites to download E-book to DGR subscribers until lead generation goal is met.

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