CXO Conversations: Jabmo CEO Highlights Keys To Successful Omnichannel ABM Orchestration

Published: November 16, 2021

Welcome back to Demand Gen Report’s CXO Conversations, a video interview series that provides our audience with insider access to C-suite executives from some of the top B2B brands, as well as the hottest companies in the martech community.

Host Klaudia Tirico kicks off the season premiere of CXO Conversations by sitting down with Nick Heys, CEO of ABM platform Jabmo, to discuss the modern ABM landscape. With new privacy restrictions keeping buyers hidden and the preference for self-service buying journeys eliminating sales rep intervention, orchestrating omnichannel ABM campaigns is more difficult than ever.

As marketing teams increasingly turn to new data sources to uncover unidentified buyers and proactively serve them relevant content, they’re tasked with delivering cohesive experiences across all channels to engage target accounts. With a focus on first-party intent data’s role in uncovering accounts’ interests, Tirico and Heys discuss:

  • The evolution of the B2B buyer’s journey over the past two years;
  • Strategies that help marketing teams take control of buying journeys in the self-service era;
  • How the accelerated transition to digital marketing impacted go-to-market (GTM) strategies;
  • Common challenges and mistakes organizations make when orchestrating omnichannel ABM and how to address them; and
  • Much more!
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