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2016 State Of Marketing Automation Outlook Guide

Shadow DGR DG0031 GD SMA2015 Dec 2015The thought leaders we queried for Demand Gen Report’s 2016 State Of Marketing Automation Outlook Guide pointed to a number of new themes they expect to emerge in 2016, including the increased importance of orchestrating a content experience across multiple channels. As B2B buyers are widening their net when doing research — often turning to peer review sites and social media as they investigate new solutions — our panel of industry experts noted that B2B marketers will pay closer attention to these channels.

Other hot trends identified in the report include:

  • The use of data intelligence to formulate more buyer-centric marketing initiatives and create a more personalized approach that mirrors the B2C buying experience;
  • A more granular use of predictive analytics in specific areas, such as improving their lead nurturing campaigns; and
  • The move toward more interactive and visual content, and how video and audio may be more widely adopted in 2016.

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