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2020 ABM Benchmark Survey Report: Doubling Down On ABM: Research Shows More B2B Brands Stepping Up Their Investments & Approaches To Account Selection, Segmentation & Channel Strategies

As B2B continues to grow digitally, maintaining contact with key buyers and accounts has taken the utmost priority. With this shift, most companies have reinvented or started to reinvent their strategies to include more account-based programs in their marketing strategies.

As a result of these trends, companies in 2020 are doubling down on ABM as a means of reaching and engaging their current and new target accounts. According to Demand Gen Report's 2020 ABM Benchmark Survey, 98% of respondents are currently using or plan to use ABM strategies. Fifty-seven percent of respondents are currently using a combination of demand generation tactics and ABM processes to streamline their marketing efforts.

The 2020 ABM Benchmark Survey Report explores this year's growing trendsin ABM strategy-building, including:

  • The application of data when selecting and segmenting target accounts;
  • How marketers are using multiple new channels to expand their ABM strategies;
  • How customized content is improving the effectiveness of ABM plays; and
  • Why marketers are using ABM-specific KPIs to measure their success.

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