Sitecore And Brightcove Partner To Deliver Video Web Campaign Functionality

Published: May 18, 2012

Designed to help marketers deliver video content to supplement marketing campaigns, the solution is focused on increasing search engine optimization and deepening user engagement.

“This is an exciting partnership that makes it easy for marketers to execute impactful video campaigns more efficiently, as well as take advantage of the market-leading online video platform with Sitecore’s Web content management system in a fully integrated way,” said Chris Johnston, Director of Technology partnerships at Brightcove, in a press release.

Focused on encouraging social sharing to accelerate video reach, the tool enables users to embed video players directly onto a Facebook page or on other social networking sites. New features include the ability to upload any video type, create and edit playlists, edit metadata of existing videos, and enable and monitor Sitecore analytics.

 “Online video empowers marketers to expand audience reach and strengthen customer engagement, and provides better Web search results and open rates on email campaigns,” said Darren Guarnaccia, Senior Vice President, Product Marketing, Sitecore. “By integrating Brightcove Video Cloud with our CMS we are giving organizations the ability to deliver a richer web experience without adding additional resources and time. Several of our customers have already experienced significant increases in sales and market efforts by adding online video.”

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