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Overcoming Case Study Obstacles With Creative, Cross Channel Content Strategies

YouEarnedIt 1In this webinar, you’ll hear how Killer Content Award winners YouEarnedIt overcame the challenges of a small marketing team and limited budget through creative approaches to messaging.

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 How to Turn Research Data Into A Content Arsenal


Developing research surveys takes a lot of time, bandwidth and manpower. But when designed and strategized successfully, research data can drive big results, helping organizations improve awareness, generate leads and improve overall brand positioning. 

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How A Small Marketing Team Makes A Big Impact By Maximizing The Mileage Of Their Content


An inside look at how Event Farm grew their pipeline by 10x by leveraging influencer content and applying high impact messaging across different formats and channels.

In this webinar, you'll get a behind the scenes look at how a marketing team with limited resources and expertise tapped into industry experts to build an award winning campaign that drove a significant spike in pipeline and activity and brand recognition.

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How An Optimized Tech Stack Drives Award Winning Campaigns

Booker After recently being named one of the Killer Content Award winners for its interactive campaigns, high growth software company Booker will share background into how technology is helping to drive impressive marketing results.

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