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White Papers

10 White Paper Marketing Tips

As a leader in electronic lead generation, emedia knows how to connect with qualified B2B prospects. When done right, nothing pulls qualified leads like a well-targeted white paper offer. Just ask marketing guru Larry Chase. Read his "10 White Paper Marketing Tips" to learn more.Download Now.

B2B Engagement Marketing Tactics that Close Sales

In a competitive Web 2.0 world, marketers must recognize engaged customers and prospects and respond quickly. Silverpop, providers of the Engage B2B solution (formerly Vtrenz), offers a white paper that shows you how. Download your copy from Silverpop today!Download Now.

4 Reasons You Need a B2B Specific Email Solution

Most email marketing tools were designed and priced for B2C clients, but B2B marketers require a solution that can provide nurturing, personalization and CRM integration. Learn how to maximize your lead generation with a B2B email solution.Download Now.

5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Lead Generation Vender

When searching for the right lead generation vendor to work with, be sure to choose one whose offering matches your marketing priorities. Does your vendor adapt to the dynamic marketplace? Do they offer a lead guarantee? These are just a few of the key factors to consider in choosing a vendor you can rely on.5 Questions to Ask When Choosing…

Watch Your Best Leads Rise To The Top

Learn how to use scoring and grading, helping your best prospects rise to the top. An automatic nurturing track for less sales-ready leads keeps you top-of-mind. Personalized autoresponders, drip marketing and alerts take the work out of lead qualification.Download Now

How do you Score?

Download the Silverpop Vtrenz benchmark study of Lead Management practices so you can compare your lead management program results with industry averages. Silverpop analyzed data from 250 business-to-business companies to uncover key measurements of successful campaigns.Download Now

Is Dirty Data Sabotaging Your Marketing Results?

This whitepaper presents the QuickStart Data Refreshing Methodology to help you quickly identify your data cleansing requirements, align your marketing strategy with your data refreshing and collection processes and produce better results from your marketing programs.Download Now