360insights Aims To Support Channel Success With All-In-One SaaS Platform

Published: May 9, 2023

360insights is a partner engagement and business optimization company designed to enable brands to better influence, manage and engage with their complex channel ecosystems. The company offers a SaaS platform that empowers brands to manage promotional spend across co-marketing and advertising, pricing, rebates, SPIFFs and rewards. Combining incentive management and ecosystem orchestration with a data analytics engine, 360insights serves more than 300 of the most recognizable brands around the world, across multiple industries, helping them boost their indirect business.

The Lowdown

360insights aims to help decrease the hours of administration running partner programs on email, documents and spreadsheets. The result: A streamlined process for funding co-marketing activities, incentivizing sales and partner teams and applying price discounts and promotions across a user’s portfolio of products.

360insights also surrounds its technology with a suite of expert services that help fill the gaps in a user’s channel strategy and program design to promote higher levels of participation and engagement.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

At the heart of the 360insights product portfolio is a set of core capabilities:

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  • Program qualification: Allows users to set partner eligibility, qualify transactions and manage approval workflows to increase efficiency and reduce error;
  • Governance and compliance: Designed to help implement audit processes and internal controls to ensure the proper use and payment of funds;
  • Partner payments: Provides the ability to offer flexible payment methods, including bank transfers, prepaid cards, digital wallets and merchandise;
  • Reporting and analytics: Provides access to a rich set of BI dashboards on partner program participation, effectiveness and engagement.

The flexible nature of the products are designed to ensure users can start small, then grow. The solution aims to help increase the number of programs and complexity, expand into new geographies and add incentive solutions based on brand priority.

Who It’s For

360insights is designed for sales and marketing leaders with an indirect route to market — whether that’s through wholesalers and distributors, a network of agents and dealers, digital agencies and system integrators or a full ecosystem of different partner types.

What It Solves

According to the company, an indirect route to market creates distance between a brand and the customer. 360insights aims to help brands bridge that gap and rethink how to drive customer engagement through its partners by:

  • Boosting brand awareness;
  • Aligning marketing and sales activities; and
  • Guiding the right mix of incentives to drive behavior change.

What Makes It Special

360insights empowers brands to create, customize, measure and manage incentive programs. From distributors and dealers to influencers and integrators, users can maximize their return on partner spend while strengthening relationships. 360insights is said to be the only SaaS application that enables orgs to run partner programs and promotions to/through/with the channel, analyze their impact and take action to drive growth.


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