6sense Revenue AI Seeks To Align Revenue Teams

Published: May 4, 2022

6sense, an account engagement platform, released its 6sense Revenue AI program to capture anonymous buying signals, target accounts and recommend the right channels and messages to increase revenue performance. 6sense Revenue AI seeks to align the entire revenue team on goals, data, systems and processes to grow revenue. Applying AI, big data and machine learning across every stage of revenue generation aims to accelerate deals, expand opportunities, increase the average sales price and conversion rates and improve the overall effectiveness of the team.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

6sense leverages AI across the entire buyers’ journey, removing the guesswork that plagues revenue teams, providing a better customer experience and producing quality pipeline. 6sense’s goal is to empower revenue teams to:

  • Capture revenue moments to harness every known and anonymous buying signal and prioritize accounts most likely to buy;
  • Target opportunities with a single source of data truth, accuracy in buying stage prediction and AI-driven audience segmentation; and
  • Boost go-to-market engagement across all channels/platforms/apps.

Who It’s For

6sense Revenue AI is for any B2B company seeking a competitive advantage for their revenue team. This platform suits organizations just starting out with an account-based approach along with teams that have been running ABM plays for years.

What It Solves

Today’s B2B selling environment has evolved and purchase decisions are made by teams of stakeholders who prefer to remain anonymous until deep into the buying journey. Years of annoying sales and marketing tactics have made them more resistant to efforts than ever. Simultaneously, B2B organizations face inefficiencies and silos in their pursuit of revenue attainment, retention and growth. That results in false leads, long sales cycles, wasted time, burned-out salespeople and inaccurate revenue projections.

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Business leaders want predictable revenue, but these new realities make it difficult to achieve that objective. Human power is no match for the massive amounts of data and decisions that need to happen to compete in the modern buying environment. With AI, leaders can remove the guesswork and pave the way for revenue acceleration and predictability at scale.

What Makes It Special

6sense Revenue AI places the power of AI into the hands of every member of the revenue team. This allows the whole organization to make insight-driven decisions, prioritize time and resources and realize better outcomes. 6sense customers report a 100% increase in average deal size, 20% better conversions, 30% faster deal cycles and 120% improvement in revenue effectiveness.



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