Adobe Launches New Analytics Integration For Audience Manager Solution

Published: October 31, 2017

Audience Analytics for Adobe Audience Manager is an integration between industry DMP and analytics solutions designed to give marketers the ability to collaborate across teams, consistently track audience metrics and drive valuable customer experiences quickly and at scale.  


This integration aims to provide brands a full customer intelligence engine to drive enterprise insights, intelligence and action.

Key features of the program include:

  • Customer Insights programmed to help customers connect audiences to insights at scale by bringing their DMP segments into Adobe Analytics in real time.
  • Overlapping segment capabilities, which take segments stored in Audience Manager and moves them to Analytics to see how particular placements, creatives or campaigns contribute to funnel activity.
  • The ability to bring purchased third-party segments, such as demographic or psychographic attributes from Audience Manager into Analytics to view with awareness, consideration and purchase.
  • Analytics workflow capabilities, such as Analysis Workspace, designed to test which first-party segments contribute most to user engagement, as well as apply findings in ad sales efforts or content personalization accordingly.
  • Trackable audience segment performance capabilities, which are programmed to track key metrics — such as conversions and engagement — in one place, rather than in separate silos.


The Audience Analytics for Adobe Audience Manager feature is an integration between Adobe Analytics and Adobe Audience Manager, both Adobe solutions have integrations with CRM and ERP systems.

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Audience Analytics for Adobe Audience Manager is available to customers of both Adobe Analytics and Adobe Audience Manager. Pricing models do not change for either solution. Solution delivery is cloud based.


Brands that recently piloted this integration include MGM, Home Depot, Carnival, T-Mobile, Sky and Intel.


Adobe Audience Manager offers DMP integration within an analytics solution. Audience Analytics for Adobe Audience Manager is designed to give marketers additional intelligence to guide the optimization of current campaigns, inform personalization and enhance segmentation practices via bi-directional, real-time data transfer.


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