Alyce Provides AI-Powered Direct Mail Platform For Personalized, Scalable Gift Giving

Published: May 20, 2019

Alyce’s AI-powered gifting platform aims to help sales and marketing teams execute personalized direct mail and swag programs at scale to drive pipeline within top accounts.


The Alyce Marketplace features more than 35,000 gifts and branded swag products that B2B companies can send to current and prospective customers. The platform’s proprietary AI is positioned to scan social media and publicly available data to gain unprecedented insight into a contact’s personal interests, and then recommend best-fit gifts based on those interests.


The platform is designed for B2B marketing and sales leaders at growth-oriented tech companies pursuing an account-based strategy.


Alyce is positioned to integrate with Salesforce, so users can send gifts to contacts and accounts from right within their native Salesforce environment.

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There are three components to Alyce’s pricing model:

  • Annual SaaS fee: based on the volume of gift invitations during the year;
  • Gift invitations: ahead of sending a physical gift, you will send a gift invitation which ranges from email (free) to luxury wooden boxes ($62) and several options in between; and
  • Accepted gifts: you only pay for gifts that are accepted by the recipient.


Alyce customers include Marketo, Okta and Fuze.


Alyce aims to be the antidote to impersonal, generic and even annoying outbound tactics. It is designed to enable marketing and sales to communicate with their most valuable customers and prospects as people, not as personas, to drive more meetings at the most important accounts, move pipeline toward close more quickly and reward loyal fans of your brand with swag they’ll love to wear.

A customer-first philosophy and focus on sustainability inform everything Alyce does. The platform aims to give gift recipients the power of choice by allowing them to accept, exchange, or donate the value of their gift to a charity of their choice. Furthermore, all gift invitations have a social or global impact meant to minimize physical waste and give back to local communities.


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