Bookbuilder By Gradient Works Aims To Bring Dynamic Book Management To Sales Teams

Published: February 15, 2023

Gradient Works was founded in 2020 with the vision of creating software to help sales teams increase attainment, with customers that include WordPress VIP, Mailgun, Omnipresent, QuotaPath and more. Gradient Works Bookbuilder is a dynamic book management software, which, according to the company, is a new approach to sales territory design built on best practices from top B2B inside sales teams.

The Lowdown

Bookbuilder is designed to help sales teams increase attainment by keeping reps focused on the best accounts in their market. It continually matches rep capacity with the best available accounts to ensure that a company’s highest potential accounts are always being worked.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Bookbuilder aims to bring dynamic book management to life. Dynamic book management moves beyond traditional static sales territories to continually ensure quota capacity is deployed against the best available accounts. Bookbuilder is designed to eliminate the need for time-consuming annual territory planning and complicated territory spreadsheets, saving sales teams weeks of work every year.

Functionality includes the ability to:

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  • Automate and optimize account distribution to ensure high-potential prospect accounts are distributed to reps when the timing is right;
  • Balance rep books with dynamic book balancing, including weighting reps based on performance or other factors to adjust how often they’re eligible for new account assignment;
  • Take rep availability into account on every assignment, whether it’s PTO or working hours;
  • Assign high-potential accounts based on fit and timing criteria; and
  • Handle every assignment in Salesforce, including inbound lead routing and lead-to-account matching.

Gradient Works is a Salesforce package and integrates with Slack, Google, Microsoft 365, Salesloft and Outreach.

Who It’s For

The tool is for B2B sales team with at least 10 reps. Target users include RevOps, sales ops, SDR/BDR teams, sales leaders and CROs.

What It Solves

Only 53% of sales reps regularly hit quota, in part because they’re not deploying reps effectively. Seventy-six percent of companies still use a geographic territory model to assign accounts to sales reps and 83% of companies design their territories with spreadsheets.

With traditional territories, some reps get territories with so many high-potential accounts they can’t talk to them all, while other reps starve in territories with low potential. The result? Uneven attainment, unhappy reps, unrealized revenue.

What Makes It Special

According to the company, Bookbuilder is the first and only solution designed for implementing dynamic book management without custom code or manual processes. It helps ensure optimal coverage of high prospect accounts based on their fit and timing, aims to fix CRM data quality issues and gathers invaluable data directly from prospects about right time for them to buy.


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