Brightcove Launches Campaign Tool Designed To Streamline Video Marketing Measurement

Published: March 3, 2020

Brightcove Campaign aims to help marketers create video-centric marketing strategies to better connect with audiences. It is designed to better gauge video effectiveness with insightful data, compare performance to industry benchmarks and maximize impact with helpful guidance. 


Brightcove Campaign aims to helps marketers:

  • Understand how a campaign is performing with video benchmarking and customized, easy-to-follow advice based on video type; 
  • Create, maintain and refine campaigns based on analytics reporting via a Chrome extension. With social sharing, clickable thumbnails, landing page embed codes and SEO optimization, marketers are armed with data to refine campaigns as needed; and 
  • Connect to existing martech stacks with Brightcove Campaign’s integrations with Eloqua, Marketo, Hubspot, Salesforce and Google and Adobe analytics. Marketers can also reduce the time it takes to build, maintain and report on campaigns.

Targeted Users

Brightcove Campaign is targeted toward large global demand gen or outbound marketing teams in a variety of industries and verticals, who are focused on pipeline generation, campaign attribution and campaign reach and impact.


Brightcove Campaign has integrations with top marketing automation and analytics platforms. CRM and ERP systems are on the roadmap for future integrations.

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Competitive Positioning

Advanced analytics and a clear interface intend to give demand generation marketers an intuitive process for publishing, measuring and improving their video marketing campaigns. Features are available on the Brightcove platform or through a Chrome extension that brings Brightcove capabilities to wherever a Brightcove video is embedded. 

Integrations with marketing automation platforms and analytics providers centralize data to a customer’s preferred measurement and marketing platforms. By leveraging these capabilities, Brightcove is designed to inform its customers on what’s working, what isn’t and how to improve. 

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