BrightTALK’s Reporting Connector For Marketo

Published: July 15, 2015

BrightTALK upgraded its Marketo connector that is designed to automate data sharing between the webinar and marketing automation platforms.


BrightTALK’s Marketo connector synchronizes once an hour, automatically sharing BrightTALK data with the Marketo platform.

The new features are designed to help marketers increase ROI by streamlining the production and tracking of webinar programs while enabling them to understand and act on the data provided by the BrightTALK platform.

BrightTALK also released new APIs and a software development kit to offer an open platform for marketers who want to integrate their webinar and video data with other systems. These APIs support the development of custom integrations for reporting, content and users.

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Competitive Positioning

The Marketo connector significantly decreases the time required to manually connect data from BrightTALK to Marketo. With this advanced integration, there’s no need to create a separate event program for each webinar or wait 24 hours for data to synchronize.

By using Marketo smart campaigns, tokens and emails, tasks such as sending a customized email alerting a registrant that a webinar is now available on demand can be set to happen automatically as soon as the live session concludes. For attendees of the live session, an email thanking them for attending can be similarly configured.

BrightTALK content is sharable and portable with embeds that can be used to add content to any website. Live webinars are instantly converted to recorded versions, which will generate 60% to 70% more leads from on-demand viewership.

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