Clearbit Aims To Identify Anonymous Website Activity With Weekly Visitor Report Tool

Published: September 20, 2021

The Weekly Visitor Report tool from B2B data-tools provider Clearbit aims to provide marketers with an interactive analytics report that identifies website visitors and webpage activity to enhance outbound marketing strategies.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

The tool is designed to analyze a prospect’s activity on a company website, and provide insights into visitor activity such as product interests and click-through rates. Users receive a comprehensive report that shows the number of visits, the channels they used to enter the website and company profiles, allowing marketers to attribute prospect activity to their areas of interest and act accordingly.

Users can install the tool on different website pages to automatically capture visitors’ IP addresses, connecting them back to their companies to identify their industry, title, revenue, etc. for optimal outbound engagement.

Who It’s For

The Weekly Visitor Report tool is designed for marketing, growth and demand generation professionals looking to gain deeper insight into who is visiting their website and alert sales when prospects are showing intent to increase conversions.

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What Makes It Special

Weekly Visitor Report is powered by Clearbit’s Reveal solution, which analyzes website visitor profiles automatically to help marketers uncover which businesses and individuals are visiting their site and what their level of buying intent is.



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