ClearSlide’s Vega Release Aims To Help Sales Teams Engage Through Content

Published: January 2, 2018

ClearSlide is designed to help sales and marketing teams find the best content, effectively communicate with customers and get insights into exactly how customers engage. The company’s latest release, Vega, aims to help sales and marketing leaders, as well as enablement teams, better engage with customers through a more intuitive meeting experience, 3D feedback and content ROI dashboards.


Key features of the solution include:  

  • Next-Gen Meetings: ClearSlide’s meeting experience makes online interactions more personal with CRM-based content recommendations, speaker notes, real-time engagement and more.
  • 3D Feedback: Content sharing with annotations and comments within the content aim to help accelerate sales conversations and move deals forward quickly.
  • Content ROI Dashboards: These dashboards reveal content performance and trends by sales stage, team, customer and more — including deals won/lost from CRM — to measure the true ROI of sales content.


ClearSlide works with sales and marketing teams and leaders across industries like tech, media, online, banking, manufacturing, retail, construction and more.


ClearSlide integrates with any CRM, including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. The solution comes powered with its own email functionality but also plugs into Gmail, Outlook and Office 365.

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ClearSlide is a cloud-based platform with pricing starting at $35 a month for an individual user. The ClearSlide platform is licensed as a subscription and priced per user per month. There are four pricing plans that vary by features and service levels.


ClearSlide is used by the most successful companies in the world, including Amazon, Aflac, Starwood, Lyft, The Wall Street Journal, Experian, Bloomberg and more.


ClearSlide aims to provide unique engagement data and analytics that let sales teams know exactly how prospects and customers are interacting with their content in real time. Because ClearSlide serves as a single content hub, sales and marketing teams are positioned to be better aligned.



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