Conga Revenue Lifecycle Cloud Seeks To Unify Disjointed Services Into Complete Lifecycle

Published: January 31, 2024

Conga’s revenue lifecycle management system is designed to unify order configuration, execution, fulfillment and contract renewal processes into one data model that adapts to ever-changing business requirements and aligns the understanding and efforts of every team.

The Lowdown

Conga Revenue Lifecycle Cloud takes typically separate and disjointed business processes — such as quotes, contracts, revenue collection, obligation management and opportunity renewal — and brings them together within one complete revenue lifecycle. This reportedly empowers organizations to provide intelligent end-to-end selling experiences and targeted omnichannel customer interactions.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

According to the company, Conga Revenue Lifecycle Cloud is a first-of-its-kind cloud platform that supports the complexities of revenue management for businesses to drive, configure, price, quote, contract, negotiate, manage, collect and renew revenue. Conga Revenue Lifecycle Cloud connects and standardizes processes across all teams to create one unified system. This single system-of-record:

  • Drives intelligence throughout revenue processes for businesses with a platform that is open; and
  • Gives customers the flexibility to use Conga’s solutions on the interface of their choosing, which includes a web application, a Salesforce connector and APIs that can be embedded directly into a website, portal or application.

Who It’s For

Conga Revenue Lifecycle Cloud benefits many roles within an organization and across industries, including financial services, health and life sciences, manufacturing and more. While finance teams perform many revenue lifecycle management tasks, the outcomes impact several departments across organizations, from sales and marketing to procurement, legal, IT and business operations.

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What It Solves

Conga Revenue Lifecycle Cloud enables cross-team collaboration to help accelerate revenue velocity, eliminate errors and gain more insight into customer behaviors and expectations. Conga’s open platform and unified model eliminates silos, delivering efficiency and certainty across business functions that drive revenue.

What Makes It Special

By delivering a platform that ties to existing and future systems, Conga Revenue Lifecycle Cloud seeks to provide customers with choice, flexibility and scale while offering a 360-degree view of all opportunities, obligations and risks across the revenue lifecycle.



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