Databook’s SRM Platform Aims To Help B2B Sellers Create, Manage & Maintain Strategic Relationships

Published: June 26, 2023

Databook is a strategic relationship management (SRM) platform designed to leverage advanced AI and natural language processing to help B2B sales teams to create, manage and maintain strategic relationships at scale. Databook is fully integrated with Salesforce Sales Cloud and offers out-of-the-box solutions for account planning, territory management and sales engagement.

The Lowdown

Databook’s SRM platform ingests and interprets billions of financial and market data signals to help generate actionable sales strategies that connect the seller’s solutions to a buyer’s financial pain and urgency. It is designed to empower sellers to instantly transform complex financial data and insights into deeply tailored account strategies, plans and content using prompts, guides and one-click downloads.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

The Databook platform uses advanced AI to comb through billions of financial and market data signals, distill insights and instantly generate sales strategies that connect a seller’s specific solutions, use cases and case studies to a buyer’s unique financial pain and urgency.

Sellers can decide when and how to use these strategies in the sales cycle — and quickly act through auto-generated strategic account plans, emails and other sales materials and one-click narratives that speak to executive buyers.

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Who It’s For

Databook is designed to equip enterprise B2B sellers, at any level, to uplevel executive conversations, deepen connections and close deals by understanding and proving how their solutions will improve financial and operational health for the buyer.

What It Solves

Research shows that 93% of B2B buyers said purchase decisions result from larger organizational initiatives. Financial disclosures are key to identify and align with these strategic priorities but are prohibitively difficult to use at scale. While more than 70% of B2B sellers agree they’re more successful when they use financial data, less than 30% have reviewed a 10K recently, citing a lack of time and tools, according to the company.

What Makes It Special

Unlike CRMs and tactical selling tools, Databook’s SRM platform automatically conducts a thorough, outside-in analysis of a company to uncover its current strategy, pain points and industry context — and then automatically connects each strategic need with a key buyer and the seller’s most relevant solution, use cases, case studies, ROI models and more.



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