Drift Conversational Sales Seeks To Increase Sales Productivity Amid Turbulent Market Conditions

Published: March 7, 2023

Drift Conversation Cloud aims to help businesses personalize experiences that lead to more quality pipeline, revenue and lifelong customers. Drift brings conversational marketing, sales and service into a single platform that integrates chat, email and video and powers personalized experiences with artificial intelligence (AI) at all stages of the customer journey.

The Lowdown

Drift Conversational Sales is designed to enable sellers to jumpstart conversations, build quality pipeline and maximize sales velocity using real-time insights and omnichannel communications.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

The following Drift Conversational Sales features aim to give sellers a 360-degree view of how to engage buyers at the right time, in the right place, with the right conversation. Specific features include:

  • AI Engagement Score: Drift’s AI-powered Engagement Score helps sales reps understand a prospect’s propensity to buy based on interactions with brands’ marketing and sales motions;
  • Sales Real-Time Dashboard: A real-time view of team performance (conversation volume, team capacity, meetings booked and opportunities generated) to manage bandwidth and find coachable moments;
  • Live View: Sales reps can see everyone who is on the site to jumpstart live conversations, with the ability to filter by account owner, geography, web page and see accounts prioritized by account owner; and
  • Mobile App Parity: Sales reps can take Drift on the go and sell from anywhere, at any time through live chat and receive real-time notifications.

Who It’s For

Drift Conversational Sales is designed to make sales teams more productive and help companies weather ongoing market volatility. Drift Conversational Sales builds on Drift’s mission to change the way businesses buy from businesses by providing innovative solutions that help sales teams thrive, regardless of market uncertainty and changing buyer behaviors.

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What It Solves

As public markets were hit hard in 2022, companies have been forced to conserve resources, tighten budgets and sell more with smaller teams. As a result, nearly 90% of sellers feel burned out and spend less than a third of their time actually selling — a challenge that has forced sales leaders to scrutinize productivity per rep and optimize for top performers. Drift Conversational Sales helps consolidate the tech stacks sales reps are using into a single solution that enables them to work more efficiently by providing insight into how and when to most effectively engage buyers.

What Makes It Special

Unlike most solutions, Drift Conversational Sales uses a buyer-first approach that analyzes how buyers make decisions and suggests what sellers can do to guide them through a frictionless decision-making process. It helps sellers earn the right to start and continue conversations



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