Folloze Buyer Experience 3.0 Aims To Level The Digital Playing Field

Published: August 22, 2022

Folloze, a B2B buyer experience platform, launched its Folloze Buyer Experience Platform 3.0. This version aims to unlock powerful design tools and data insights that will empower B2B buyers to guide their own journeys.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Folloze’s latest version features several upgrades, including:

  • A design suited to any marketer with any level of expertise;
  • New branding tools to ensure all experiences meet approved corporate guidelines; and
  • AI-powered personalization and recommendations to help marketers personalize and optimize based on buyer behavior.

Who It’s For

This new platform is for enterprise and upper mid-market organizations. Verticals include tech, consulting and services, telecommunications, manufacturing and logistics and financial services.

What It Solves

The Folloze Buyer Experience Platform 3.0 empowers B2B marketers with the tools to build rich digital experiences based on deep behavioral insights in a simple, no-code environment to engage buyers and deliver growth across the modern digital buyer journey.

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What Makes It Special

Folloze Buyer Experience Platform 3.0 seeks to enable marketers to create digital destinations to engage and nurture buyers at all stages of the journey. It requires no code and can be integrated with existing tech stacks, aiming to make it fast and easy to create and deliver something powerful and measure it all with data and insights.



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