Folloze Website Engager Works To Personalize Web Pages

Published: March 26, 2024

Folloze, a no-code B2B buyer experience platform, is used by B2B marketing, sales and revenue teams to build data-driven, highly engaging and personalized content destinations across the entire B2B buyer journey to drive deeper account engagement and revenue growth.

The Lowdown

Folloze Website Engager, built on Folloze’s no-code B2B buyer experience platform, is a toolkit designed to turn company website visits into engaging, personalized experiences that generate first-party engagement insights while accelerating the full digital buyer journey and boosting demand generation performance.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Folloze Website Engager, built within Folloze AI, helps marketers extend their Folloze campaigns by embedding boards and content from those boards directly into their websites. The boards can then be personalized to customer personas stage in the lifecycle and account without coding or web developer time involved.

Marketers can leverage first-party data for personalization to resonate with each persona’s unique requirements and ensure the content or offer is appropriate for the buyer journey stage. The toolkit seeks to allow marketers to create a buying stage-appropriate call-to-action and orchestrate multi-threaded touches with the buying committee to extend interactions.

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Who It’s For

The solution is designed to help keep marketing and sales aligned. Marketers can arm sales teams with a playbook based on engagement level insights identified by Folloze Website Engager, while sales teams can send prospects directly to specific assets or website pages powered by Folloze to create consistency in flow and messaging.

What It Solves

Folloze Website Engager helps connect the website to ABM and demand generation campaigns to deliver a personalized campaign experience on the website and capture insights that enhance the entire journey both on and off the website.

What Makes It Special

B2B marketing teams can now extend existing campaigns to the website or create standalone experiences that connect to the broader picture of buying behavior and their journey using Folloze Website Engager.



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