Folloze Debuts ChatGPT-Powered AI Personalization Platform

Published: February 28, 2023

Folloze, a no-code B2B buyer experience platform, launched Folloze AI, a content recommendation and buyer insight engine designed to bring the most relevant and engaging content to buyers in real time and generate first-party intent data.

Folloze AI builds upon the release of Folloze Buyer Experience 3.0 by adding a layer of first-party intelligence and insights to scale personalization and move opportunities through the pipeline faster. Powered by ChatGPT, Folloze AI allows for multiple modes of operation, from fully automated to a curated experience that keeps the human “in the loop.” Specifically, Folloze AI can:

  • Automatically tag content;
  • Recognize viewing patterns; and
  • Make recommendations based on those patterns in real time.

“Since the launch of Folloze Buyer Experience 3.0 last year, we have seen its significant adoption to deliver high-value, on-brand experience across the buyer journey,” said David Brutman, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Folloze, in a statement. “This is no surprise since companies are looking to rationalize their stack and find a scalable way to power data driven digital buyer journeys operated by all marketers, not just a few. AI further changes the game by injecting intelligence into those digital touch points. This ensures the best content is served and first-party intent insights are surfaced to drive impact in the revenue cycle creation.”

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